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What do you enjoy most about appraising a house of worship?
I love appraising houses of worship because I have a long history with sacred objects and properties in my life. I have been a member of the Episcopal Altar Guild in every church in every city in which I have lived. Handling the sacred vessels and vestments is an honor and a privilege.

What’s different to appraising a house of worship to a household property?
The property in the house of worship is usually unique and one of a kind.

What’s the most challenging part of appraising a house of worship?
Finding comparable works upon which to base the value. Usually the sacred properties are custom made, or are antique, and so are very difficult to value.

Have you seen any changes over the years?
Yes. The sacred silver has become simpler and less elaborate. The cost of sacred objects has increased dramatically due to the cost of silver and labor.

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