Appraisals & Management of Personal Property

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Our appraisers offer airtight documents for services including
IRS Divorce Contested Probate Insurance Claims and Charitable Contributions

We offer the full spectrum of top-quality appraisal services for individuals, families, estates, organizations, and collections of every kind. Due to our extensive experience we provide a smooth and painless process while achieving high level results.

What Can Appraisals Offer?

Current and Protected!

An appraisal will give you an current value of all your personal possessions!

It's a quick and easy processing of insurance claims with an IRS report that documents proof of ownerships, quality, and condition.

Guidance and Peace of Mind!

You will get guidance that can help with items of inheritance and aid in the distribution of assets between family members.

It will provide equitable division in a divorce, which we also provide expert testimony for.

We will also advise on the conservation and restoration of your items.

Sell or Donate!

With our subsidiary company, StoneBridge Services, Inc., we can help with the dispersal of property through direct sales to collectors and specialists through a service that's tax deductible.

What Do We Have Experts In?

    IRS Acquisitions, Dispersal, & Mergers Antiques & Decorative Art Automobilia & Cars Bankruptcy Charitable Contributions Over $5,000 Coins Collections Management Contested Probate Divorce & Mediation Family Foundations Foreign Asset Protect Trusts Jewelry Limited Family Partnerships Litigation & Expert Witnessing Photography Rugs Sacred & Secular Objects Silver Tax Abatement Using Tangible property Tax and Estate Planning Trusts Wine

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