StoneBridge Services, Inc. helps people convert residential contents into cash through a combination of techniques including house sale, auction, consignment, and donation.

Residents have personal property of all kinds to dispose of. They and their families may be confused or worried by the related questions of “What is it all worth?” and “How will we dispose of it?” and “Will we get fair value for all of Mom/Dad’s stuff?” We can help with referrals for real estate, too.

As nationally certified appraisers, we provide those who are downsizing with a turnkey service. We identify and quantify the value of all personal property, then convert the property into usable funds through sale in the most appropriate market.

StoneBridge Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Bardo Consulting Group, provides a complete package solution to these needs and concerns. StoneBridge identifies, appraises, and sells personal property of all kinds — from furniture to cars to not-so-valuables — receiving fair value for all. We’ve been doing so nationally for over 40 years.

We’re here for residents and their families at their time of need, ready to convert burdensome property to cash. No object or property item is too unusual or illiquid for us to appraise and dispose of for full market value.

To help you bridge those troubled waters - full of worry about property and money - call StoneBridge Services, Inc. at 1+ 312-372-9216.


  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Dispose

What are some mistakes that someone downsizing should avoid?

Do not start giving away or selling property until you know from a professional what it is that you have. It is time consuming and expensive to hire an estate sale group that is inexperienced. Sometimes the emotions and memories you have related to your possessions can make the process overwhelming. Let us guide you through the process from start to finish so that no family members feel left out of the process avoiding costly, time consuming, and bitter outcomes.

What services do you offer that assist with the downsizing process?

We sort the fine quality from the household quality. We provide guidance on what should be disposed of by what method, such as estate sale, consignment, auction, private sale, or family distribution for your greatest financial benefit. We help to take property to market, we supply packers, movers, shippers, insurance advice, and cleaning services. We can create inventories and appraisals.

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