Appraisals & Management of Personal Property

The Appraisal Process

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Contact Us

Send us information on the valuables you wish to be appraised, along with images. The more information the better!

We will provide an estimate for services on the basis of a preliminary consultation.

We charge at hourly rates to guarantee a complete objective service.

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The Examination

An appraisal entails an on-site examination of objects in order to determine the maker or manufacturer, country of origin, date, size, distinctive or rare characteristics and markings, and current condition. Photographs, measurements, and documentation will be taken at the viewing.

Preparation of objects for viewing and access to background material can considerably reduce the appraiser’s time.

An online appraisal is possible with the appropriate documentation and provenance.

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The Report

We research your property using our databases, specialists, and experts to conclude an objective opinion of value.

You will then receive a USPAP compliant report (hardcopy or digital.)

This will contain a list of your items, each with an image, description, location, value, and reference number.

This report can then be easily updated periodically by us at a reasonable rate.


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