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“The surprise is that appraising and correctly insuring usually costs less than an inflated homeowner’s policy.”

Houses of Worship

Bardo Consulting Group, Inc. is a respected appraiser of houses of worship and their contents. Our new program for religious institutions substantially cuts the cost of appraisals, to make it easier for the organizations to back up their insurance claims with certified appraisals.

We have appraised the interiors and contents of cathedrals, churches, rectories, convents, holy orders, and a museum of Judaica.

Our appraisals have included stained glass windows, organs, all worship objects both sacred and profane, vessels and vestments. Our appraisals have set the gold standard for houses of worship for decades; they are regularly renewed for the following important reasons:

As far away as Notre-Dame de Paris, fires strike cathedrals, devastating interiors and contents without warning. Chicagoland recently saw South Side churches vandalized and burned to the ground. In another local church, leaking water pipes on the second floor pipe caused extensive damage that was not detected for four days. As a result, an original hand-painted mural was destroyed beyond recognition.

In all these tragic incidents in houses of worship, there were no appraisals in place, so no credible insurance claims could be made against the losses. The damaged institutions were forced to conduct fund-raising campaigns to either raise the money for replacements or restorations – or close their doors.

Bardo Consulting Group, Inc. can provide you with protection against potentially catastrophic losses, or smaller ones, with a government-compliant appraisal by a certified appraisal company. We provide houses of worship with an appraisal that complies fully with the U.S. Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). So, in the event of loss, everything of value is listed and valued at replacement value.

Houses of worship and other religious institutions have also recognized that various forms of damage to their precious property - smoke, water and graffiti - can cause as expensive a loss as fire or theft.

In all situations involving property loss, for any type of damage, a government-complaint appraisal from Bardo Consulting Group, Inc. ensures that the religious institution receives a check for the full amount as appraised promptly.

Our new pricing for religious institutions includes a substantially reduced appraisal fee. This places a certified appraisal from Bardo Consulting Group within reach of virtually any religious or charitable institution.

We hope you’ll let Bardo Consulting Group provide your religious institution with another level of protection against financial difficulties in the event of fire, flooding, theft, smoke, graffiti or other damage. Contact us to arrange a free consultation at +1 (312) 372-9216.

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